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outdoor kitchen with pool

If you are looking to be the envy of your neighbors as the ultimate host of backyard fun, an outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen and a pool has unparalleled entertaining benefits. By including an outdoor kitchen and a pool, you can enjoy a relaxing day in the water, followed by dinner and drinks, all in the same outdoor space. This article discusses designing an outdoor kitchen adjacent to your pool and how Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™, an outdoor kitchen cabinet manufacturer, can help you effortlessly achieve a long-lasting and enjoyable outdoor entertaining space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pool

Building a fully equipped outdoor kitchen that can accommodate a grill and bartending station adjacent to your pool has many entertaining benefits, as this setup gives you the opportunity to grill food and serve drinks poolside. One popular setup is to situate your outdoor kitchen in an enclosed space like a Florida Room or screened-in area so that you can lounge in the sun by the pool and then relax in the shade with food and drinks. An outdoor kitchen area with a pool provides a multitude of possibilities for relaxation and entertainment, guaranteeing the ultimate in summer fun for you and your guests. Be sure to take this into account when planning your backyard designs with a pool and outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Considerations

When building an outdoor kitchen near your pool, you will want to be mindful of the placement of your kitchen due to factors such as moisture, pool chemicals, and sun exposure. Placing your outdoor kitchen close to your pool is ideal, but you will want to be careful of contact with pool water and pool chemicals. You will also want to consider if you want your entire space to be exposed to the sun, as some shade might be welcome after spending the day in the pool. Placing your outdoor kitchen in a screened-in patio or three-season room will provide additional protection from the elements.

Various outdoor kitchen layout shapes will offer different benefits to your outdoor space, depending on your design goals. If you want a seating or lounging area between your kitchen and swimming pool, a straight run of cabinets is a great option. Other layout shapes, such as L, U, and G, will provide other benefits like outdoor kitchen bar seating and work triangles for outdoor cooking. Any of these layout shapes can incorporate outdoor kitchen island applications as well, which are great additions for bar seating, additional storage, and additional workspace.

Why Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens?

Trex Outdoor Kitchens manufactures long-lasting stainless steel outdoor kitchens in 304 grade stainless steel, with the option for 316 grade stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Our cabinets can be powder coated in a variety of attractive finishes to minimize maintenance. While only minimal maintenance is required, you will want to regularly care for your outdoor kitchen to ensure longevity, especially near extra moisture conditions and possible exposure to pool chemicals. Our care and outdoor kitchen cleaning guide is a great resource to ensure that your beautiful outdoor kitchen receives the proper care.

Including amenities such as a grill, bartending station, and ice maker in your outdoor kitchen will create the ultimate food and drink setup next to your pool. Our cabinetry is engineered and designed to house virtually every outdoor appliance and amenity. Additionally, we manufacture finished back and end panels to provide a clean, finished look from all sides for island and outdoor bar seating applications. With seemingly endless options for layouts, angles, and configurations, we can create virtually any outdoor kitchen design that is functional next to your swimming pool in your outdoor living area.

By designing the perfect outdoor kitchen next to your pool, you will enjoy plenty of entertaining benefits. Spend the day in the pool and enjoy dinner and drinks in the same outdoor living space. The longevity, layout options, and amenity possibilities with Trex Outdoor Kitchens means you can design outdoor kitchen plans that have it all – from long-lasting materials to accommodating the outdoor kitchen appliances and amenities necessary to be the ultimate backyard entertainer any day of the week!

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