Power Burner Cabinets

Power Burner Cabinets

When planning an outdoor kitchen design, there are many essential components to consider including, base cabinets, Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ offers Power Burner Cabinets that are designed to accommodate side burners and gourmet power burners in both standard height and a low version height for boils, refreshment/bartending centers, sear pods, egg smoker grills, etc. The Power Burner Cabinets are available in 3″ increments, starting at a width of 15″ and ranging to 30″ wide.

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Power Burner Cabinet Specifications

  • The standard Power Burner Cabinet depth is 27 7/8″, including the door, but a 24 7/8″ depth may be specified for burners that fit that dimension.
  • The standard Power Burner Cabinet box height is 30″ plus 4 1/2″ adjustable legs.
  • Power Burner Cabinets are available to accommodate larger appliances.
  • Extra depth Power Burner Cabinets are available to accommodate larger appliances.
  • Power Burner Cabinets come with pre-made access holes for plumbing and/or electrical with removable covers.
  • For a more contemporary look, we offer a square shaped, tapered stainless steel leg with an adjustable foot.
  • A trim-kit is custom-designed during the fabrication process for the specified side/power burner to ensure a proper fit during installation.
  • Black anodized toe kicks may be ordered separately and cut on-site.
  • Standard stainless steel pulls are included, upgrades are available for an additional cost.
  • Hinges and screws are included with every cabinet.
  • In some cases, Trash Pull-Out Cabinets can be installed into a Power Burner Cabinet.

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