Outdoor Kitchen
Accessories & Amenities

With a growing interest in bringing the indoors out, Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ are outfitted with the same upscale kitchen amenities that you would find in a luxury indoor kitchen. Choosing the highest quality appliances will add function to your durable, stylish outdoor stainless steel cabinets.

Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen with World Class Amenities


Trex Outdoor Kitchens offers countless options for customizing outdoor living spaces with a variety of features and accessories, catering to different cooking styles and entertainment needs. From grills to countertops and powder coated cabinet finishes, your outdoor kitchen space will be complete. Although we do not manufacture appliances, we distribute a variety of cooking appliances and other amenities, making Trex Outdoor Kitchens a convenient one-stop shop for your outdoor living space.


Cooking: Customization is key when it comes to outdoor kitchens. One of the best features of our cabinetry is that it is designed to fit any cooking appliance – regardless of size or brand.


Cooling & Bartending: Consider an outdoor kitchen with a bar and fridge for the ultimate in design and function. Prepare food and serve drinks all in one space.


Barbecue Grill Hoods: One factor that must be considered when designing your outdoor kitchen is smoke ventilation. We offer a barbecue hood that is built to last and looks great in a variety of styles and layouts. Our extra-depth grill hoods are made of 304-grade stainless steel and are designed to complement any outdoor kitchen.


Countertops: Put the finishing touches on your outdoor kitchen with a beautiful and durable countertop. Outdoor kitchen countertops need to hold up against weather as well as daily wear-and-tear.