What is a Florida Room?

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Florida Room

A Florida Room is an enclosed living space that is characterized by a roof, along with one or more glass or screen walls, to let in an abundance of natural light while providing protection from the sun, inclement weather, and pests. Florida Rooms are usually added to the side or back wall of a residence. Although originally designed as a solution for an escape from the Florida heat, a Florida Room is not geographically limited to the Sunshine State. It is a popular addition to homes around the world, and it has also come to be known as a three-season room, a sun porch, and a sunroom, among other names.

The goal of a Florida Room addition is to provide the effect of being outdoors while you are in an enclosed space: huge windows, beautiful views, and access to outdoor amenities without being exposed to the elements. It is the perfect way to create a transitional indoor-outdoor space. Adding insulation, along with other heating and cooling solutions, can easily turn your Florida sunroom into a four seasons room as well. This type of living space is wonderfully versatile, as you can dress it up or down to your choosing. Depending on the size of the room, you can create a true indoor-outdoor experience by adding a pool and an outdoor kitchen, as well as a seating area.

How to Build a Florida Room

The process of building a Florida Room addition to the home encompasses everything from placement to glass selection to incorporating fun features like an outdoor kitchen, a seating area, and a pool to truly create an outdoor extension of the indoors. If you’re wanting an outdoor kitchen remodel, keep reading for more reasons why you should include a Florida Room.

Placement and Material Selection

You should consider features like sunrise and sunset to determine where to place your Florida Room to achieve the most amount of natural light. Placing your Florida Room on the back of a residence will ensure more privacy, although adding this amenity space to the side of a home is an option as well. Double-paned glass is a useful feature to aid in insulating properties and temperature control so that your outdoor space can be enjoyed in both cold and warm weather. Choose screen walls instead of glass for more fresh air.

Heated Pool

A possible amenity to include in a Florida Room is a heated pool, if the space allows for it. An enclosed pool is an optimal choice for use during many months of the year, as you will be using it in a temperature-controlled environment. Best of all, an enclosed pool can reduce the need for cleaning and filtration, as you will avoid leaves, bugs, and wildlife.

Outdoor kitchen

Designing an outdoor kitchen in a Florida room is a popular choice, especially adjacent to a seating area or pool. Although the Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™  stainless steel cabinets are resistant to weather effects in virtually every climate, placing an outdoor kitchen in a Florida Room gives you the added bonus of cooking and eating during inclement weather. Best of all, Trex Outdoor Kitchens offers plenty of amenity options for all types of luxury outdoor kitchens, such as a bartending station, grill cabinets, refrigerator, and sink cabinets.

Seating area

Your Florida Room would not be complete without a seating or dining area to achieve the total outdoor entertainment package. Relax by the pool or by your outdoor kitchen and enjoy drinks and meals with family and friends at your convenience. Be sure to place your seating area so you are facing the best views!

Florida Room Design Ideas and Tips 

The process of decorating your Florida Room and the features that you include will enhance your goals for the space. In choosing a theme, you should determine your focal point and use key accessories to set your style. For instance, do you want your Florida Room to be cozy and classic? Modern and sophisticated? Or bright and bold?

Your outdoor kitchen can easily be a focal point in your Florida Room. Choose outdoor handle knobs, door styles, and the color of your cabinet powder coat finish to make a bold statement or create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The Trex Outdoor Kitchens color palette can suit any style – from whites, blacks, neutrals, metallics, and textures – to bright pops of red, turquoise, orange, yellow, and even pink! Use this range of options to your advantage to create your dream aesthetic.

The mood of your Florida Room extends to accessories and seating/dining areas as well. For instance, although Florida rooms add plenty of natural light, you may want to include drapes or electric screens that you can close for more privacy and to create a cozier atmosphere, especially at night. Adding lighting features will allow you to enjoy your space at night as well. Choose a rug and accent pillows for your seating area to tie in your color palette and create a cohesive living space. Decorate your space with your favorite plants and flowers to truly feel like you are in the great outdoors.

Including a Florida Room as an addition to your home is a popular choice all over the world, as it can be enjoyed for three or even four seasons out of the year. A true exemplification of indoor-outdoor living, a Florida Room lets in natural sunlight while giving you the freedom to enjoy outdoor amenities like a pool and an outdoor kitchen at an hour of any day.

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