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Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

The two elements that bring together a kitchen, whether it be indoors or outdoors, are the cabinets and countertops. Outdoor countertops need to hold up against time and climate but also need to have the right look and feel to complement the outdoor living space. While Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ does not manufacture or sell countertops, our outdoor cabinets can accommodate nearly any type of countertop you want in your outdoor kitchen. Additionally, our inside sales team is available to make recommendations and help with the design.

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Choosing Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Some of the most common materials for both indoor and outdoor countertops include granite, concrete, and soapstone.
However, these materials have drawbacks when used outdoors.

  • Granite countertops are durable, strong and work well with a variety of kitchen styles. A granite countertop tends to cost more than other materials, which makes it a less popular choice for those on a budget. In addition, they require sealing for protection.

  • Concrete countertops, while durable, can fade over time. A concrete countertop provides a clean and contemporary look and various customizable options. It is also important to consider the upkeep and maintenance required, as well as the porosity of this material.

  • Light soapstone countertops are attractive indoors but may stain outdoors. Using darker colors could reduce this issue. Darker colors overheat more easily, though, so shading options should be considered when choosing this natural stone countertop.

  • Marble countertops are a timeless choice that never seems to go out of style. Although this countertop option is known for its beautiful natural pattern, marble is a porous stone, meaning it can become stained. Just like the soapstone countertop, using a darker color could help reduce this issue.

  • Tile countertops provide the widest variety of styles. From simple patterns to unique mosaics, this kitchen countertop option is highly customizable. This outdoor countertop material is very susceptible to cracking, which could create a problem if the same tiles are not available when replacement is necessary.

Common Color Options for Outdoor Countertops

  • Light Grey & White – Lighter colors lend to a more modern, sophisticated aesthetic. These colors exemplify a clean, soft look.
  • Gold & Bronze – These warm colors will help to create a cozy outdoor atmosphere that is inviting to you and your guests.
  • Beige – Elegant and neutral, beige offers a natural appearance to any outdoor space.
  • Dark Grey & Black – Dark colors always give a sleek look to any design. Black is a staple color for virtually any aesthetic.
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Outdoor Countertop Recommendations

We recommend choosing outdoor countertops that fit your lifestyle. While most outdoor countertops will remain structurally sound over time with limited maintenance, they do require additional protection to look their best. But don’t neglect aesthetics! If you choose the right material and color, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability. We recommend two brands for the ideal package of beauty, maintenance, and longevity: Dekton® by Cosentino® and Lapitec. Both are Compact Sintered Materials, which are man-made materials that offer the greatest benefits in the outdoors.

Choose outdoor kitchen countertops that have the following features:
  • UV resistance for color stability outdoors
  • Exceptional strength
  • High resistance to impacts, scratches, and abrasions
  • Non-porosity – requiring no maintenance
A Dekton® by Cosentino countertop is highly recommended for the best results for your Trex Outdoor Kitchen. The ultra-compact surface is ideal for exterior use. It also offers UV resistance for color stability, unsurpassed strength and durability, resistance to scratches, and it is non-porous – requiring no maintenance. The countertops are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to perfectly complement any Trex Outdoor Kitchens cabinet finish.
Lapitec is recommended for superior longevity in the outdoors. This material is made from a mixture of natural minerals that are melted together, creating a final result that offers the finest features of materials like ceramic, porcelain stoneware, quartz, marble, and granite. Lapitec is a “full body” material, so the interior and exterior are identical – meaning a consistent appearance when it is machined. It is also non-porous, resistant to heat and frost, resistant to UV rays, and durable against scratches. It will withstand the test of time for the life of your outdoor kitchen cabinets.
Atlas Plan: large-sized porcelain slabs for countertops, worktops and furniture applications.

The technical performance and sophisticated aesthetic of porcelain come together in large-sized slabs that create the impression of continuous and harmonious surfaces and spaces.

Atlas Plan perfectly reproduces the excellence and richness of the colors, textures, veining and light effects of marble, natural stone and the most innovative designer materials, creating unique suggestions and atmospheres.

This unique, continuous material is unaltered by time, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and ideal for surfaces that demand maximum hygiene, strength and aesthetic harmony, such as kitchen worktops and backsplash panels, sinks, tables and bathroom vanities.

Main advantages of Atlas Plan slabs


The ideal material for contact with foods: surfaces remain extremely hygienic and resist high temperatures and thermal shock.


The chemical and physical stability of porcelain stoneware allows it to resist chemical attack and color change.


Porcelain stoneware is a versatile material capable of withstanding even high loads.


The material’s impressive surface hardness allows it to resist scratching and wear.


Atlas Plan slabs can reproduce any color, pattern, decorative effect and material look, guaranteeing excellent versatility in style.


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