Outdoor Sink Base Cabinets

Outdoor Sink Cabinets

When planning an outdoor kitchen design, there are many essential components to consider including, base cabinets, countertops for food prep, refrigerators, grill cabinets and more. Sink Cabinets are the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen area. An outdoor kitchen sink cabinet offers additional storage space. Our stainless steel cabinets are available in a variety of door styles, powder coat colors, and realistic wood grain finishes so you can choose the perfect variation for your outdoor space and kitchen.

outdoor kitchen cabinets

Outdoor Sink Cabinet Specifications

  • Sink Cabinets are available in 3″ increments, starting at a width of 15″ and ranging to 66″ wide to fit virtually any kitchen sink.
  • The standard stainless steel sink cabinet depth is 27 7/8”, including the door, but a 24 7/8” depth may be specified.
  • Sink cabinets come with pre-made access holes for plumbing and/or electrical with removable covers.
  • The standard outdoor sink cabinet box height is 30″ with 4 1/2″ adjustable legs.
  • For a more contemporary look of your outdoor cabinet, we offer a square shaped, tapered stainless steel leg with adjustable foot.
  • Black anodized toe kicks may be ordered separately and cut on-site.
  • Standard stainless steel pulls are included and upgrades are available for an additional charge.
  • Hinges and screws are included with every outdoor kitchen cabinet.
  • Shelves are optional and can be fixed or pulled-out.
  • The outdoor sink base can be powder coated, making the kitchen cabinetry almost maintenance-free.

Trex Outdoor Kitchens helps transform outdoor living spaces into luxury outdoor kitchens with all the amenities of the indoors. Our stainless steel cabinets are built to last and create the ultimate entertaining outdoor space adding value to any home.

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