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Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ manufactures powder coated stainless steel cabinetry that offers longevity to your outdoor space for many years and through all types of weather conditions. Unlike outdoor kitchens that are manufactured with other materials, the Trex Outdoor Kitchens line of outdoor cabinetry is engineered to last in the outdoors without requiring a covering. While not required, incorporating a covering – such as a pergola or gazebo – will reduce maintenance of your outdoor kitchen and provide a comfortable outdoor living space that is functional and enjoyable even in inclement weather.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen 

An outdoor kitchen area that includes a covering will have a type of structure that offers shelter and protection from outdoor elements like sun, wind, and rain. A covering can be simple in design, like a canopy, or a permanent structure with a roof and walls that is partially or fully enclosed, like a Florida Room.

Canopy. Canopies are common because they are inexpensive and have a simple design with posts and a canvas roof. You can choose a canopy to cover only your outdoor kitchen or choose a larger one to cover your entire outdoor space.

Gazebo. Gazebos are a more permanent solution for your backyard area. They include posts, a domed roof, and they are usually octagon-shaped. Common materials are wood and metal with canvas roofs.

Pergola. Pergolas tend to be more decorative and include lattice. More expensive pergolas can include electric open and close features for both the walls and the roof.

Other coverings. Other enclosures are permanent, such as the addition of a Florida Room or California Room that has a roof and screens or glass walls. Florida Rooms are typically fully enclosed while California Rooms are partially enclosed, based on differences in pests, wildlife, and weather. Overall, these types of coverings provide the most shelter from the weather.

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Considerations for a Covered Outdoor Kitchen Space 

Although your covered outdoor kitchen can be placed almost anywhere, certain factors will need to be considered depending on the location. These considerations include the layout of your space, protection from the outdoor elements, and ventilation needs. You’ll also want to consider if you’ll use the space for outdoor entertaining.

Layout. Your choice of outdoor kitchen layout is an especially important consideration when deciding to cover your outdoor space. The layout should be functional in accordance with the size, shape, and type of covering. Depending on your needs, the covering can protect only your outdoor kitchen, or you can choose a larger covering to shield other outdoor amenities.

Rain and snow protection. While a covering will shelter your outdoor space from rain and snow, considerations should be made to avoid pooling water around your outdoor kitchen and appliances. As such, rainwater and melting snow should be directed away from your outdoor living space and your home.

Ventilation. If your outdoor kitchen area will be partially or fully covered and will include outdoor cooking appliances that produce smoke, ventilation and airflow are important for health and safety. Check local laws and codes, as an outdoor grill hood may be required to allow smoke and toxins to escape from your covered space or patio.

Benefits of a Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design

Trex Outdoor Kitchens is worth the investment whether the cabinets are covered or not. On days with unexpected inclement weather, a covering will reduce or eliminate negative effects of rain, snow, sun, and even wind. As such, you and your guests can enjoy your outdoor kitchen space anytime, rain or shine.

Our powder coated stainless steel cabinetry is already virtually maintenance free, and installing a covering reduces maintenance even further. To put it simply, if your outdoor kitchen is not exposed to the elements, the cleaning process is simplified, as you will not deal with as much (or any) excess moisture and debris on your cabinetry. In the case of fully enclosed outdoor kitchens, you will greatly reduce or eliminate dealing with the weather.

Covered Trex Outdoor Kitchens

Investing in an outdoor kitchen manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens is a wise choice for the value of your outdoor space and your home. While our powder coated stainless steel cabinetry will require regular maintenance, this maintenance will be reduced by the installation of a covering. Your choice of covering can range from a simple canopy to a fully equipped sunroom with a roof and walls.

Since our cabinetry is designed and engineered for longevity in the outdoors, it is not required to be covered. If you decide to cover your outdoor kitchen, a covering can be a stylish addition to your outdoor space while also minimizing maintenance of your outdoor cabinets and appliances.

A covered patio kitchen will include a structure to protect your kitchen from the weather. You can choose from a variety of coverings depending on your needs, such as canopies, gazebos, and pergolas. While our cabinetry does not require a covering, including a covering over your space will offer benefits such as minimizing maintenance and making your outdoor space functional when the weather is not ideal.

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