Pros & Cons of a Screened-In Outdoor Kitchen

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When deciding on placement of your outdoor kitchen, factors like climate, location, the insects, and design can help to determine if you want your outdoor kitchen to be screened-in. Among the most popular screened-in solutions is a Florida Room, which is an enclosed outdoor living space with a roof and walls that offers protection from the elements. Regardless of environmental factors, screening in your outdoor kitchen has pros and cons. While choosing a brand like Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ means that your outdoor kitchen does not need to be screened-in, certain locations can benefit from this design to get year-round use out of an outdoor kitchen.

Pros of a Screened-In Outdoor Kitchen Design

The main pros of a screened-in porch with an outdoor kitchen are protection from the elements, easier maintenance, and design options. Placing a screen around your outdoor kitchen will let in fresh air while protecting you and your guests from pesky insects and wildlife, as well as weather elements like wind and sun. This weather protection means easier maintenance and less outdoor kitchen cleaning over time. If you are seeking to design your outdoor kitchen to be an extension of your home, a screened in outdoor kitchen is a great option. Screens are available in a variety of styles and designs, so it is also a great opportunity to enhance the style of your outdoor space.

Cons of a Screened-In Outdoor Kitchen Design

The drawbacks of screening in your new outdoor kitchen include budget, safety, and local codes. Adding a screen enclosure and a roof structure to your outdoor space will be more costly upfront than leaving it uncovered. You will have to factor in certain elements into your budget, like permits, types of materials, and the size of your backyard. Screens also present extra considerations for safety and lawfulness. If you want a screened in outdoor kitchen, you must check with local laws and codes to ensure you will be operating your outdoor cooking appliances safely and that you are within the parameters for building codes. Operating a grilling station in any fully or partially covered area means that you must ensure proper smoke ventilation, such as with a grill hood.

Outdoor Kitchens That Can Benefit from Screens

Since materials like wood or plastic do not hold up for long periods of time in the outdoors, outdoor kitchens that are manufactured from these materials will benefit from being screened-in and protected from the elements. An outdoor kitchen manufactured from powder coated stainless steel has the benefit of not requiring to be screened-in or covered, so the decision can be based on other factors. Regardless of the durability of your outdoor kitchen, screening in your kitchen will reduce maintenance.

Perhaps your climate is typically warm and sunny, and you want to have shade or protection from pests. A screened-in outdoor kitchen is a great solution to offer that coverage while also mimicking the feeling of being outdoors. If you have a large outdoor living area, screening in your outdoor kitchen can help to define the areas of your outdoor living space as well.

Why Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens?

Investing in the outdoor kitchen cabinets manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens means you are choosing a long-lasting and attractive outdoor kitchen that can withstand the elements without requiring a covering or being screened in. Our 100% stainless steel outdoor cabinets are engineered to withstand weather, everyday wear and tear, and they can be powder coated in a variety of finishes to minimize maintenance.

If you do decide to screen in your outdoor kitchen, Trex Outdoor Kitchens offers hundreds of sizes in seemingly endless layout configurations, allowing you to design your outdoor kitchen exactly how you want within the boundaries of your screened-in space. Our in-house design experts can also help with the layout of your backyard to maximize your real estate while benefiting from a screened-in outdoor kitchen. Enjoy outdoor barbecues away from the sun, rain, and wildlife in an attractive and fully functional outdoor kitchen.

Screening in your new outdoor kitchen has pros and cons. While it is beneficial to reduce maintenance, it also means more cost up front and adhering to laws and codes for proper grill smoke ventilation. An outdoor kitchen that is manufactured with a less durable outdoor material, like wood, would benefit from being screened in and covered from the weather. But by choosing the powder coated stainless steel outdoor kitchens manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens, your kitchen does not require to be covered or screened in – meaning the choice is yours.

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