Outdoor Kitchen Island: Benefits and Design

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Islands are popular additions to both indoor and outdoor spaces because of their convenience and flexibility. They add workspace, storage, and extra space to entertain without increasing the length of your kitchen cabinetry.

They are often included as an addition to straight runs and L-shaped kitchen layouts. Sometimes they are standalone pieces. They are beneficial for housing cooking appliances, sinks, fridges, and storage. A popular option is to include raised bar height or extended counter height seating for the entertainment value.

The stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ is the top choice for an outdoor kitchen with an island. Our islands are powder coated on all sides, offer storage capabilities, and can house sinks, appliances, and more.

Benefits of an Island

The main reasons for adding an island to an outdoor kitchen design are the convenience and enhanced value. An island adds extra workspace for food prep and can house appliances and amenities like a grill and sink. When you add a cooking appliance, an island countertop is a convenient space for food prep.

Islands are often the center of bustling outdoor cooking and entertainment areas. Including an island is an opportunity to express your style through color and design. Consider choosing a bright powder coat color or a hue that contrasts your island with the rest of your kitchen.

With the correct configuration, islands can also include a seating area in lieu of a dining table. This benefit adds value through socializing with guests. You can use the space to serve food in front of your guests and maintain an active cooking and entertainment space.

Islands are especially beneficial in small spaces, like a balcony or patio kitchen, that cannot accommodate intricate kitchen designs. Think of an island as a compact and convenient package that includes the necessities for outdoor cooking or entertainment.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Island Designs

You can design an island as a standalone unit or as an addition to an L-shaped or straight run layout. Our cabinetry types make it simple to create the exact design that your space requires. The appropriate outdoor kitchen plan will offer plenty of space for your needs.

Standalone Island

Standalone islands are great options for small outdoor kitchens or spaces with restrictions. A standalone island is a compact piece that can be customized with appliances and amenities to create a functional space.

Additions to an L-Shaped or Straight Layout

In larger spaces, islands can be added to L-shaped or straight run layouts. In these instances, the island is typically used for food prep and serving space away from the rest of the kitchen. Sometimes, a sink is included in the island for easier prep and cleanup.

BBQ Grill Islands

Islands are often used for compact outdoor grilling stations. An island offers function and flexibility in the placement of your outdoor cooking area. In this application, the island can be outfitted with a grill and storage for convenient cooking and serving.

Entertainment Space

If entertainment is the main purpose of your island, seating is a popular feature for the social aspect. Islands suited for entertainment typically include a sink and fridge, as well as bartending items like a wine cooler and kegerator. This setup allows for effortless serving of food and drinks.

Designing an Island with Trex Outdoor Kitchens

At Trex Outdoor Kitchens, our cabinetry is engineered to mirror the function, conveniences, and design of indoor kitchens. Our cabinetry is available in 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel, with features like soft-close drawers, gaskets, and magnets. These features ensure beauty, function, and longevity outdoors.

Our cabinetry offerings ensure that you can design a functional outdoor kitchen with an island addition or a standalone island. Our stainless steel islands can be tailored for cooking, entertaining, or both.

For cooking islands, our cabinetry can house virtually every outdoor appliance available. From grills to power burners and more, you can include your favorite cooking appliance in your island.

If your island is mostly for entertainment, we offer raised bar applications and extended countertop support for seating. Our islands can also house common amenities for bartending stations, like sinks and fridges.

We offer a variety of powder coat colors and door styles to complete the look of your island. For a finished look, the door style will be reflected on all four sides, complete with your choice of color.

Islands are beneficial additions to a variety of outdoor entertainment and cooking spaces. Their flexibility makes them an attractive feature for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Trex Outdoor Kitchens can help you create an island design that suits your needs. With our cabinetry offerings, you can create a dynamic outdoor living space with a functional and beautiful island.

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