Considerations for Small Outdoor Kitchens

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A common misconception is that an outdoor living space must be large and spacious to accommodate an outdoor kitchen. The reality is that with the right considerations, you can easily design a functional outdoor kitchen for smaller spaces.

A small outdoor kitchen area is defined by 10 or less linear feet of cabinetry and appliances. Due to size limitations, a small kitchen is typically a straight run or an L shaped layout. It will include only a few necessary amenities, like a grill, sink, and storage.

Designing a small outdoor kitchen can be an effortless process by choosing a brand like Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™. We manufacture durable stainless steel cabinetry in hundreds of sizes to suit even the smallest spaces. Our cabinetry can house virtually every outdoor appliance and amenity to include the necessities to suit your cooking and entertaining lifestyle.

Considerations for Small Spaces

Small outdoor kitchen spaces can be remarkably versatile. However, you will need to be mindful of design factors like layout, appliances, storage options, colors, and styles. By taking these considerations into account, you will have a variety of design options for your outdoor space.

The following 5 small outdoor kitchen ideas will aid in the design process if your outdoor area is limited in size.

Kitchen Placement

Your first step in your outdoor kitchen design is to determine the best placement. The placement of a small kitchen is even more important because of the workspace limitations for prep and cooking.

Trex Outdoor Kitchens has finished back and side panels for our cabinetry, so you are not limited in placement. We also offer hundreds of cabinetry sizes in 3” increments to suit a variety of small spaces, angles, and configurations.

Choose a Functional Layout

A functional outdoor kitchen layout is important in all outdoor spaces. It is especially important in a space with size restrictions. To get the best use out of your kitchen, you will need to consider workable layout shapes and placement of appliances.

Trex Outdoor Kitchens manufactures a variety of cabinetry types that are suitable for any layout shape. For the most part, you will be limited to a straight run or a small L shape. If your space allows wall cabinets in your design, they are a great way to add storage space. An outdoor kitchen island is another benefit for extra storage and usable workspace.

Remove Space Restrictions

Outdoor kitchens are sometimes covered by a pergola or gazebo, or they have boundaries around the space, like a fence. Adding space restrictions and boundaries to a small outdoor space will make the area feel more limited in size.

Smaller outdoor spaces can work similarly to a large space by removing these space restrictions. Trex Outdoor Kitchens can be powder coated in a range of finishes that reduce maintenance to a bare minimum. As such, our kitchens do not need to be covered to remain durable in the outdoors.

Must-Have Appliances and Amenities

Reducing unusable space is vital in a small area. Focus on must-have outdoor appliances and amenities to ensure that your kitchen incorporates these features in a functional way.

The most common must-have appliances and amenities in any outdoor kitchen include a grill, sink, and storage. A small outdoor kitchen can easily include these features. Trex Outdoor Kitchens manufactures grill cabinets and a variety of other cabinets for amenity and storage options.

Door Style and Color Matter!

Your pairing of door style and color can accentuate your design intent and completely change the aesthetic of your small space. You should choose a light solid color or metallic for your powder coated cabinetry. These finishes reflect light and make the space appear larger and airier.

A sleek, simple door style is the most effective design element in a small outdoor kitchen. Complex styles can serve to make the space appear smaller and more cluttered.

Any of our three available door styles are great options for small kitchens. For the best combination, choose a white, light grey, or another light neutral or metallic powder coat finish.

Creating an outdoor kitchen for your small space does not need to be a difficult process. Consider the ideas outlined above in conjunction with working with one of our design professionals. With these tools available, you can easily create a beautiful and functional kitchen for any small outdoor area. Contact the experts today and get started on your small outdoor kitchen project!

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