How to Design an Outdoor Grilling Station

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An outdoor grilling station is a popular addition to residential backyards, especially if space is limited for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Grilling stations serve a specific function by including the essentials for outdoor food prep and cooking, like a grill, counter space, and storage space. They are often straight runs of cabinetry or small L shaped layouts.

Although grilling stations are a great option if you are seeking a small outdoor kitchen, they can vary in size and features. Larger grilling stations can include other amenities, like a sink and trash. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, grilling stations are versatile enough to offer everything you need to cook outdoors.

Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ offers a variety of solutions for your backyard or patio grilling station. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the process of designing your own stainless steel outdoor kitchen. Whether you are seeking a simple grilling station or have the space for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, we are guaranteed to have your solution.

Outdoor Grill Area Ideas

Your outdoor grill area should include all the necessities to cook and prep meals outdoors. These necessities can include a grill or other cooking appliance, sink, trash, and storage space.

Keep in mind that smaller spaces may only have room for a grill and some storage. Consider the amenities that will function well in your design, the location of your grilling station, as well as the cabinetry style and color options.


The location of your outdoor grilling station is important for the safety of your space. It is important to consult local codes and laws for this reason. For example, you will not want to place your grill against anything combustible. Enclosed spaces will need ventilation for the grill as well.

Patios and decks are popular surfaces for outdoor kitchens. If your grilling station includes more features, you may be able to place it farther from your house. Otherwise, a smaller grilling station may require you to head back inside for certain amenities. In short, location often determines the convenience of your outdoor kitchen and dining space.

Our stainless steel cabinetry is available in hundreds of sizes and almost any configuration. This design freedom allows you to place your grilling station wherever works best for your needs.

Styles and Colors

Style and color should both work together to enhance the aesthetic of your grilling station. Depending on the color and door style that you choose, you can create a signature and unique outdoor cooking area.

We have three sleek door styles that all offer clean styling and timeless designs. Our selection of powder coat finishes will reduce maintenance for your cabinetry and add beauty to your design. Consider lighter finishes to make your space seem larger or wood grains for a natural look.

Cooking Appliances

A grilling station is aptly named by the inclusion of a cooking appliance, most often a grill. Some grilling stations include other cooking appliances, like smokers.

When deciding to build an outdoor grilling station, the size of your grill is an important aspect. Many consumers choose a grill that is too large for their needs. Our grill cabinetry can house virtually every grill on the market, giving you flexibility with your design. We also manufacture appliance cabinetry to house smokers, power burners, and more.

Counter Space and Storage

Cooking and prep are most effectively done with plenty of counter space. Having space to work on either side of your grill is important to the usability of your grilling station.

Functional backyard grilling stations should include storage as well. Storage offers a ton of benefits for the convenience of your outdoor cooking space. Since our base cabinets are available in a multitude of styles, they are ideal for storage.

Wall cabinets are useful for storage as well, for spaces that can accommodate them. They are a great option for dinnerware and other dining accessories and increase the real estate of your grilling station without adding to the length of a run of cabinetry.

Grilling Island

If you need more flexibility with the placement of your grilling station, consider an island application. An Island can house grills and other amenities, as well as offer an abundance of storage.

Our islands are finished on all four sides, which means they are equally at home up against a wall or as the focal point in the center of an entertaining space. Best of all, the sides can be finished in the same door style for a cohesive and elegant look.

Explorer Series

For ease of design, we also offer our Explorer Series. Explorer is comprised of three pre-set layouts in your choice of three powder coat colors. Two of the layouts work well for grilling stations, as they include a grill and storage. The Voyage layout also includes a fridge for added convenience and functionality.

Our Explorer Series is a great way to explore our products if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic and a turn-key process. The pre-set layouts remove the design guesswork and provide you with the basics for an efficient grilling station.

Why Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens for Your Grilling Station?

Design freedom is an important feature when creating a grilling station. At Trex Outdoor Kitchens, we recognize that outdoor kitchen design is not always “one size fits all”. To that end, our 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry is available in many types and hundreds of sizes. The types of cabinets we offer include base, wall, grill, appliance, sink, trash, and more.

As the most important feature in grilling stations, our grill cabinets can house almost every model and size of grill available. Our grill cabinets include custom trim kits for a built-in look, ensuring that your grilling station is beautiful from every angle.

Our cabinetry can be arranged in a variety of configurations to suit the size and shape of your space, including island applications. Our cabinets are also engineered in various styles (e.g., door/drawer, multi-drawer) to offer storage and organization capabilities. Storage is essential for organizing grilling tools and other cooking accessories.

For added beauty and reduced maintenance, we offer a selection of door styles and a wide variety of powder coat finishes. Our doors and drawers include gaskets for weather resistance and soft-close technology. Apart from beauty, our cabinetry is the industry gold standard for outdoor kitchens – no detail is overlooked.

When designing an outdoor grilling station, several factors will guide the functionality of your space. These considerations include location, color and door style, cooking appliances, counter space, and storage. By choosing a brand like Trex Outdoor Kitchens, you will be put in touch with design experts who can bring your project to life, with a unique and unmatched fit and finish.

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