4 Outdoor Living Tips from Designer Bobby Berk

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With the big reveal of a stunning backyard transformation, designer Bobby Berk turned a lackluster space at his Los Angeles design firm’s headquarters into a luxurious outdoor living oasis. Complete with plenty of seating, beautiful landscaping, a pergola, a firepit and an outdoor kitchen, the space is much more than a backyard: it’s a chic hub for cooking and entertaining.

At Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™, we were thrilled with the opportunity to add our product to Bobby’s backyard renovation. As the manufacturers of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, we know an outdoor space is incomplete without a kitchen! Read on to learn 4 important outdoor living tips from Bobby, including how he incorporated Trex Outdoor Kitchens seamlessly into his design.

1. Create a Cohesive and Connected Space

From Bobby’s perspective, cohesion and connection are important features of any outdoor living space. Best of all, creating effortless flow between your indoor and outdoor living areas is sure to add value to your home. “I would suggest looking at the flow and layout of the space to determine the best location and also opting for materials and colors that will create a cohesive look with the rest of your outdoor furnishings,” says Bobby.

He also recommends opting for a similar feel in your outdoor décor, so your outdoor space feels like an extension of your interior. “You should think of your outdoor space as another room of your home. Bring in rugs, textiles, furnishings and make it an inviting space and an additional living room.” To that point, your outdoor space does not need to be an exact match of your interior, but it should feel connected.

2. Choose Both Form and Function

The materials you include in your space will depend largely on preference and the design aesthetic that you gravitate towards, as well as your home’s architecture and landscape. Bobby says, “The details, materials, and plants that will surround your outdoor living space will play a part in the overall look and feel, so it’s certainly worthwhile to consider and integrate them into your design.” 

As evidenced by his backyard transformation, Bobby is no stranger to the importance of both form and function. When talking about his Trex Outdoor Kitchen, he says it is a “great combination of form and function, and incredibly durable to boot.” 

His kitchen layout was carefully chosen to maximize functionality and enhance the flow of his backyard living area. He included a grill, sink, and under-counter refrigerator for all the outdoor cooking and entertaining necessities. The result? A beautiful outdoor kitchen with the perfect balance of functionality and durability outdoors.

3. Use Color to Set the Tone

Color is an important element for both your outdoor kitchen and the rest of your living space. Your color palette can set the tone and make your space feel more inviting. When asked about color, Bobby notes that greens, fuchsia, magenta, and browns are colors that will feel timeless when used outside as they all are pulled from earth tones. These tones are also remarkably versatile and can suit any trend or aesthetic. 

If you want to add color to your space without making a huge commitment, Bobby suggests choosing low commitment accessories for pops of color, like pillows, throws, or umbrellas. “These are items that are relatively low cost and you can easily change them out if you feel like switching things up year after year,” he notes.

While brighter and bolder colors have been on the rise, Bobby opted for a neutral aesthetic for his backyard transformation. Bobby chose a combination of our “Midnight Matte” powder coat and “Teak” wood grain powder coat finish to create contrast and warm modernism that set the tone in the rest of his backyard. 

4. Maximize and Personalize Your Space

If your backyard is on the smaller side, it is easy to overwhelm the space. Bobby suggests choosing compact seating and tables, as well as furniture that serves multiple functions – like a bench with hidden storage. You can also consider incorporating folding doors or glass walls that open, French doors, or pass-through windows to enhance the openness of your space.

Utilizing these tips will make it easier to maximize your area, and you can still create multiple spaces for cooking, eating, and socializing. If your space allows, you can even include luxurious upgrades like a gas firepit or a freestanding sauna. Most importantly, you will want to create areas where you can relax while having protection from the sun, so include covers like sunshades and pergolas for the best result.

If you’re feeling inspired to transform your backyard, designer Bobby Berk has expert advice to enhance the look and feel of your design! Choose materials and colors to complement your style, and carefully consider the flow and layout to maximize the functionality. Include plenty of luxurious amenities to ensure both form and function, like a Trex Outdoor Kitchen. By following Bobby’s advice, you will be well on your way to creating an oasis in your own backyard.

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