Introducing Trex Ready™: Simplified Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Featured layout: “Oasis”

In an ever-evolving market, the best outdoor kitchen brands will adapt to the needs of their customers. An emerging need in the outdoor kitchen industry is a simplified design process for readymade applications. At Trex Outdoor Kitchens™, we recognize the value of streamlining the design process for homeowners and trade professionals alike.

To that end, we are proud to introduce our Trex Ready™ series of 304 stainless steel cabinetry. You can customize your Trex Ready kitchen by choosing from seven predetermined layouts and six powder coat finishes. No matter which options you choose, you will have beauty, versatility, and functionality in your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Design in Four Simple Steps

With Trex Ready™, outdoor kitchen design can be as simple as 1, 2, 3…4! Our predesigned outdoor kitchen packages will have you on your way to the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Explore the steps below to learn how quickly and easily you can create your next outdoor kitchen project

1. Layout

Seven popular configurations are available, each purpose-driven for a particular need. Choose from Haven, Arbor, Veranda, Retreat, Oasis, Grove, and Alcove.

2. Grill Size

The layouts can fit 30”-36” or 42” grills from certain manufacturers. Choose the size that fits your outdoor cooking needs.

3. Color

We offer six powder coat finishes, chosen to match a variety of aesthetics. Select from Champagne 304, Metallic Bronze Matte, Midnight Matte, Pearl Night Blue, Seashell White, and Slate.

4. Back Panels

We offer powder coated back panels if the back of your kitchen is visible. This option gives you a finished look on all sides.


The Trex Ready™ series brings together seven of our most popular configurations. Engineered for durability outdoors, our 304 stainless steel cabinetry is the top choice for outdoor kitchens. When paired with a UV resistant powder coat finish, the result is a beautiful outdoor kitchen with minimal maintenance.

Each layout is available with cabinetry to accommodate a variety of outdoor kitchen appliances. While appliances and countertops are not included, our cabinetry is a long-lasting foundation for your favorite grills, smokers, and more. For a quote on Cosentino’s Dekton Outdoor Countertops, follow the link:


The most compact layout, “Haven” includes a grill cabinet, base cabinet for storage, and a pull-out trash cabinet.


“Arbor” includes the same features as “Haven” but with the addition of a refrigerator space and workspace on the left side of the grill.


“Veranda” amps up the cooking capabilities with a side burner cabinet next to the grill cabinet. With the added refrigerator space, storage, and pull-out trash, this layout makes outdoor cooking and cleanup a breeze.


Generous with storage and counter space, “Retreat” includes a side burner cabinet next to the grill cabinet and a pull-out trash.


For complete outdoor cooking and entertainment, “Oasis” has a sink cabinet, refrigerator space, grill cabinet, and pull-out trash.


A chef’s paradise, “Grove” includes a sink cabinet, grill cabinet, refrigerator space, and a smoker cabinet.


“Alcove” includes all the necessities for cooking and entertainment. As the only L-shaped outdoor kitchen in the series, it offers plenty of workspace and storage space. It includes a grill cabinet, sink cabinet, and refrigerator space.


By choosing a layout in the Trex Ready™ series, you have the option of six of our most popular powder coat colors. We chose these finishes for their flexbility to match any outdoor color palette.

Champagne 304

A pale sandy pink with a metallic finish, “Champagne 304” is a great natural hue that pairs well with other natural colors.

Metallic Bronze Matte

“Metallic Bronze Matte” is deep grey-brown with added shimmer that can tie any color palette together.

Midnight Matte

A true matte black, “Midnight Matte” will offer a classic look to your outdoor space.

Pearl Night Blue

Blue is always a popular hue. “Pearl Night Blue” is a deep pearly blue that complements a variety of neutral colors.

Seashell White

Classic white with a satiny sheen, “Seashell White” is an elegant option for a bright, airy feel to your kitchen.


As a medium grey hue, you can pair “Slate” with almost any other color.

Trex Ready is a line of stainless steel cabinetry that is available in seven layouts and six powder coat colors. We designed this series to streamline the design of your backyard kitchen to a bare minimum. In only four steps, choose the best layout, grill, color, and back panel option for your space. Enjoy an outdoor cooking experience for years to come with Trex Ready.

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