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Designing an outdoor kitchen for an urban rooftop – or one overlooking the ocean – can dramatically maximize your available outdoor living space and provide both functional and visual benefits. In this article, we note the advantages and considerations for designing a rooftop outdoor kitchen. In addition, we discuss the best outdoor kitchen layouts for a rooftop and why you should choose Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ for your next rooftop outdoor kitchen project.

Benefits of a Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

An inherent advantage of designing an outdoor kitchen on a rooftop is the increase in real estate for your outdoor living space, since larger outdoor spaces benefit from design flexibility and accessibility. From drinks at your outdoor bar to cleanup with your outdoor dishwasher, the convenience of a rooftop outdoor kitchen is unparalleled. You will also benefit from the stunning views and the unique visual perspective when outdoor dining on a rooftop. Enjoy freshly grilled meals at sunset and host the perfect gatherings and block parties with family, friends, and neighbors.

What You Should Consider

As with any outdoor kitchen design, you should be mindful of layout, durability, amenities, nearby structures. Since rooftops are open to the elements, you should choose the most durable materials for your outdoor kitchen on a rooftop. For protection in high wind areas, rooftop spaces typically have building requirements in accordance with local codes, such as affixing a rooftop outdoor kitchen to a permanent structure. Consider which kitchen layout shape will best suit your rooftop area as well, since certain layout shapes will maximize the use of your outdoor space. When including a grill or other cooking appliance, you will want to be careful of placement for several reasons. For example, nearby structures could potentially be damaged from the heat, and you will want to be certain of the accessibility and flow of the outdoor appliances for meal prep, cooking, and serving.

Best Design for a Rooftop

The layout for your rooftop kitchen depends on your goals for the space and the amenities that you want to include. By default, larger outdoor kitchens have greater flexibility in layout shape and amenity selection. Although a straight run of cabinets can be used effectively in large spaces, this design is typically not the most beneficial for outdoor cooking workspaces. Instead of L-shaped outdoor kitchens, rooftops tend to benefit the most by a U shaped outdoor kitchen with an island or a G shaped outdoor kitchen. Both layout shapes provide at least one “work triangle” with an outdoor sink and cabinet, grill, and refrigerator, as well as plenty of storage, workspace, a seating area, and entertaining benefits.

Why Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens?

Choosing Trex Outdoor Kitchens for your rooftop kitchen will ensure that you have design flexibility, customizability, durability, and creativity for your project. Our range of durable and weather-resistant outdoor kitchen cabinets with sizes in 3” increments will ensure a long-lasting rooftop outdoor kitchen with the most efficient layout shape for your outdoor space. A wide selection of UV resistant powder coat finishes will guarantee a vibrant aesthetic, and your outdoor cabinets will remain beautiful – with minimal maintenance – for the long life of your rooftop outdoor kitchen. In addition, our team of experts will make certain that your outdoor kitchen design and amenities comply with local regulations and are functional for your rooftop or roof deck. From the stainless steel construction and powder coat finish to the weather-resistant gaskets, Trex Outdoor Kitchen cabinets will hold up to daily wear and tear and weather effects in virtually every climate.

Alfresco dining in a rooftop outdoor kitchen provides a unique visual perspective that you can enjoy with family, friends, and neighbors. By choosing durable materials, functional amenities, and an efficient layout for your rooftop outdoor kitchen, your outdoor cooking and dining experiences are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

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