Outdoor Kitchens in Cold Climates

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Although the powder coated stainless steel outdoor kitchens manufactured by Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ are durable in virtually every climate, cold climates have specific maintenance requirements, especially when your outdoor kitchen and outdoor furniture is not in use and the weather is below freezing (32 degrees F or 0 degrees C). Read on to find out how to properly prepare your outdoor kitchen for the winter and why Trex Outdoor Kitchens is the best option for outdoor kitchens in cold climates.

Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

While your outdoor kitchen can be used all year round, you will want to protect your investment by making sure that your outdoor kitchen and outdoor appliances are prepared for winter. By doing so, your outdoor kitchen will also be ready to go when the weather gets warmer. The process of winterizing an outdoor kitchen involves draining water out of the lines, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the outdoor sink, cleaning the electric or gas grill, shutting off the gas, and covering your kitchen and appliances.

Shut off and drain water lines

It is very important to prevent water lines from freezing in the winter. All the outdoor appliances and amenities, such as the sink and dishwasher, will need the water turned off and any excess water drained out of the lines. Otherwise, the water will freeze and could cause internal damage. In colder climates, you will want to turn off the water valves underneath the sink, then turn on the faucet to remove the excess water. You can also pour antifreeze down the drain for additional protection from pipes freezing.

Clean the outdoor fridge, freezer, and sink

Any food or drinks leftover in your outdoor refrigerator and freezer should be moved to your indoor kitchen, especially if they are perishable. Once clear, go ahead and clean your fridge and freezer inside and unplug them. You may want to wait a few hours before cleaning your freezer so that you can let any extra ice thaw first. Make sure your sink is clear of any items, any food is cleaned out, and give it a good polish once it is clean. You will not want any leftover residue and food hanging out in your sink and appliances all winter.

Clean the grill and other cooking appliances

The last thing you want is to open your grill or other cooking appliances in the spring and find leftover grease and food residue sitting inside since cooking outdoors last season! You can use degreasers and stainless steel polish to remove the grease and clean the stainless steel. You will also want to make sure that the hood vent is closed and that the gas line is turned off if you will not be using the outdoor grill in the winter. Once it is clean, you can cover it for added protection. There are options available for outdoor grill covers that will fit your model.

Protect your cabinets in the outdoor space

With powder coated stainless steel cabinets, you will want to give them a good final cleaning for the season with mild soap and water. Some manufacturers make custom covers for your cabinets as well, ensuring that they are protected while not in use. Any bare stainless components, such as handles and hinges, should be thoroughly dried. You can add a lubricant to your hinges and polish the bare stainless steel so that they will stay primed and protected until spring.

Why Trex Outdoor Kitchens is the Best Option for Cold Climates

The stainless steel cabinets manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens are engineered to remain durable in all types of climates – even snow and frost. Our outdoor kitchen cabinetry is made-to-order with 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, the two most common grades for outdoor kitchen cabinets. 316 is also known as marine grade, due to its added resistance to corrosion when exposed to weather effects. However, both grades are highly durable and long lasting in the outdoors and in cold climates when regularly maintained. The addition of a powder coat finish adds beauty to the outdoor kitchen design and reduces the necessary maintenance requirements of your stainless steel outdoor kitchen.

Trex Outdoor Kitchens manufactures appliance cabinets that will house virtually every outdoor cooking appliance, as well as sinks, fridges, dishwashers, and more. Despite the durability of the cabinets, outdoor appliances and amenities are not immune to the effects of freezing and winter conditions without taking necessary precautions. For a complete outdoor kitchen cooking experience, you will likely want to outfit your outdoor kitchen with a sink, fridge, and grill. As a result, you will need to follow the steps outlined above to properly winterize your outdoor appliances and amenities. In addition, the outdoor kitchen doors and cabinets, handles, hinges, counter space and appliances will need to be cleaned, polished, lubricated, and covered during the winter when not in use.

Although Trex Outdoor Kitchens are durable in virtually every climate, no outdoor kitchen setup is winter-proof. In cold and freezing conditions, your outdoor kitchen should be properly cleaned and winterized to protect the components and prepare your outdoor kitchen for use in the spring. If you follow the guidelines above, you will be sure to continue outdoor entertaining and protect your outdoor kitchen in winter – from the plumbing to the powder coat finish.

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