The Different Types of Outdoor Kitchen Materials

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From outdoor kitchen cabinets to outdoor kitchen countertops, the materials that you choose will define the longevity, durability, and style of your outdoor kitchen. To put it simply, you will want to choose beautiful materials that are going to last a long time with minimal upkeep in your climate. While each outdoor kitchen material has pros and cons, the best option for your outdoor kitchen is stainless steel cabinetry manufactured in the USA by Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials

The longevity and investment value of your outdoor kitchen cabinets are determined mainly by the cabinet material that you choose. Some of the popular choices of base cabinets and other kitchen cabinetry include wood, concrete, and stainless steel, which all have pros and cons and individual maintenance requirements.


Hailed for its attractiveness in indoor kitchens, wood is also an option for outdoor kitchens. It is not as durable in the outdoors, however, as moisture will cause wood to rot over time. It can be stained or painted any color to reduce maintenance, but also be mindful that it is not fireproof and can catch fire near grills and other hot appliances.

Concrete, brick, and stone

These natural materials are durable and heat-resistant. They have many customization options, from paint colors to decoration with colored tiles. The main drawbacks are the lengthy installation requirements and that they are difficult to clean if food or drinks are spilled on them.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and other plastics

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a plastic polymer that has a variety of uses. Since it will not corrode, rust, or rot, plastic is a common choice for the outdoors. Environmental conditions can cause warping and cracking, and exposure to sunlight will cause color fade. Plastic is susceptible to melting too, so a stainless steel firebox is needed for outdoor grill cabinets when HDPE is used.


Aluminum is a popular choice for the outdoors because it does not rust, although it can corrode. Powder coating aluminum can prevent corrosion. It is a soft and lightweight metal as well, which means it can easily dent. It is a good heat conductor and has a lower melting point than other metals, so it is not ideal around hot appliances.

The Best Material for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular option for building outdoor kitchen cabinets, due to its beauty, durability, and customizability. The main drawback of stainless steel is the risk of rusting, but a powder coat finish will minimize this risk. Stainless steel cabinets are strong, heat-resistant, will maintain structural integrity, and can be powder coated virtually any color – even realistic wood grain finishes.

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Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Materials

Outdoor kitchen countertops can be made from different materials like quartzite, concrete, soapstone, tile/stone, and granite. The goals for your outdoor kitchen design, as well as considering the pros and cons of each material, will aid in your selection.


Quartzite is like marble without having the drawbacks of quartz (yellowing of resin in the outdoors). It can stain from cooking and cannot withstand high temperatures, but it will not discolor or fade from sunlight exposure.


Durable and versatile, concrete can be shaped into any form, can be decorated with stones or tiles, and it can be stained any color. It is very porous, however, and it can crack over time. The installation process is lengthy and requires a professional.


Soapstone is durable but must be cleaned regularly. It is a soft material that can easily be buffed if scratches are present. It is also non-porous, making it a great option for outdoor kitchen countertops.


Tile and stone are both natural looking finishes that are available in a variety of colors. Either material is susceptible to chipping or scratching, although certain tiles (like porcelain) are more durable and non-porous.


One of the most attractive countertop materials, granite can be sealed to ensure longevity and resealed periodically. It is available in many colors and can withstand both heat and cold, but it is among the pricier options for countertops.

Why Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens?

The 304 or 316 grade stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens are available in hundreds of sizes and dozens of styles. Durable, long-lasting, and beautiful, our cabinets will remain a focal point in your outdoor living space for years to come and through virtually every weather condition. With the durability of stainless steel, you will have the peace of mind that your outdoor kitchen cabinets can withstand heat, cooking, moisture, and most of all, the outdoor elements.

Although bare stainless steel exposed to the outdoors does require regular maintenance to prevent rust, our UV resistant powder coat finishes will reduce the maintenance of your stainless steel outdoor kitchen to a bare minimum. With regular mild cleaning, the powder coat color will remain vibrant for the long life of your outdoor kitchen. We even offer a palette of realistic wood grain powder coat finishes that will give your outdoor kitchen design the look of real wood without the maintenance of wood cabinets.

While Trex Outdoor Kitchens does not manufacture countertops, our cabinets are engineered to work with any outdoor countertop material, allowing you to easily complement your countertop material selection with your choice of powder coat color. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors: rich blacks, pure whites, lustrous metallics, calming beiges and greys, moody blues and greens, and vibrant reds. Complete your dream aesthetic in your outdoor space with our selection of door styles and handles.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be manufactured from several materials, but the most durable material for cooking and entertaining in the outdoors is stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Trex Outdoor Kitchens. With the addition of a powder coat finish, maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum. Our outdoor kitchens can be outfitted with any locally sourced countertop of your choosing, ensuring a superior outdoor kitchen build quality that is further enhanced with stunning contrasting or complementary colors

Check out our outdoor kitchen gallery for powder coat color and countertop inspiration, and call us today for a quote on your next outdoor kitchen project!

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