How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

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outdoor kitchen pizza oven

outdoor kitchen pizza oven

A pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen design offers a fun outdoor cooking and dining experience with family and friends. While the name suggests otherwise, a pizza oven can be used to cook other foods like steak and apple pie. This flexibility makes a pizza oven an attractive outdoor appliance for a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Most outdoor cabinetry cannot hold the size and weight of one, however.

Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ is set apart from other outdoor living brands for an outdoor kitchen that includes an outdoor pizza oven. We manufacture long-lasting stainless steel cabinetry that can safely hold a pizza oven on your outdoor kitchen countertop. Trex Outdoor Kitchens offers long-lasting, beautiful outdoor kitchen cabinetry to suit your cooking and entertaining lifestyle. Besides for pizza ovens, our cabinetry can house almost any outdoor appliance and amenity.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

A pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen is beneficial for cooking and entertaining. You can host an outdoor party to watch the big game or have quality family time in your backyard. Your kids will love to decorate pizzas with their favorite toppings and enjoy their homemade pizzas fresh from the oven.

The most common use of a pizza oven is to enjoy a delicious pizza party. However, pizza ovens can cook, bake, and roast many types of foods. Pizza ovens typically use gas or wood to heat them. Wood-fired pizza ovens are clean burning and offer a smoky flavor, making them popular to cook pizza and meat.

To go along with your pizza oven, you can design an outdoor kitchen near your pool and seating area. Your outdoor kitchen can include popular cooling and bartending amenities, like a fridge and kegerator, for more entertainment value.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs with a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are often overlooked in outdoor kitchen ideas because of their size and weight. However, the cooking flexibility of a pizza oven may remove the need for other cooking appliances.

Place your pizza oven at the end of a cabinetry run for the most functional outdoor living space. You will want to have workspace on at least one side of your pizza oven for food prep and serving. Since a pizza oven will take up space on your countertop, you will want to keep plenty of workspace free.

Add bartending amenities like a kegerator, ice maker, and wine cooler for a backyard patio space that your neighbors will envy!

Choose Trex Outdoor Kitchens for Your Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

Your outdoor living and entertaining space will not be complete without an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. By choosing Trex Outdoor Kitchens, you can easily and safely include a pizza oven on your countertop. In fact, our 304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry is engineered to hold the weight of a 400 lb. (or heavier) pizza oven.

We also manufacture appliance cabinets that can cleanly house almost every outdoor appliance on the market. Our cabinetry can incorporate a refrigerator, sink, and trash to eliminate the need to head back inside during your outdoor parties. With hundreds of cabinetry sizes, your layout options are seemingly endless. You can easily incorporate your pool, seating area, and more into your outdoor kitchen design.

For any concerns about longevity and appearance in your outdoor space, our cabinetry can be outdoor kitchen design in 50 different shades. Powder coating reduces maintenance of your cabinetry to a minimum and offers an attractive, finished look to your kitchen. Our in-house design experts can help you decide on a functional layout to include all your favorite appliances and amenities.

Pizza ovens are a fun addition to your cooking lifestyle. You can use one to cook anything from pizza to pie and everything in between. With Trex Outdoor Kitchens, you can design a long-lasting outdoor kitchen that incorporates a pizza oven on your countertop. You can also add fun bartending amenities for a backyard entertainment space that you will enjoy for years to come.

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