How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck

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outdoor kitchen on decks

One popular location for your outdoor kitchen is on your patio deck, as it is easily accessible and a concentrated outdoor space that is ideal for cooking or gathering for cocktail hour with family and friends. In this article, we detail how to design an outdoor kitchen on a deck so that your vision for your backyard kitchen comes to life. Try our outdoor kitchen design tool to help you visualize designing a new outdoor kitchen.

For a custom outdoor kitchen that is the ideal complement to your deck, the Trex Outdoor Kitchens line of stainless steel cabinetry offers unparalleled design flexibility in terms of placement and layout. By choosing stainless steel cabinets from the Trex Outdoor Kitchens line, you will have a lightweight and durable option that is safe for your deck and impressive for your guests.

Now, we will outline some considerations and advantages for designing your perfect outdoor kitchen on your existing deck.

Measure your space and determine the best location

When it comes to a custom outdoor kitchen, you want to be aware of the size of your deck and potential limitations first. Consider where you want to place your new outdoor kitchen and measure the space. Also consider access points, like your backdoor and deck steps, which will help you decide the most functional area to place your kitchen. Having both the location and size of the space readily available will make the process of materializing your outdoor kitchen idea much easier!

Know the maximum weight your deck can handle

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new one, knowing the load capacity helps you determine the right furniture and amenities to use on your deck. It’s important to understand the maximum weight your deck can handle to prevent any sagging in the long run.

Decide on a layout

Based on the available outdoor living space on your deck, certain layouts may be more functional than others. Objectively, a U shaped layout is the most effective for food preparation and serving, as it allows for a “work triangle” with a sink, gas grill, and refrigerator. However, smaller spaces may not be able to accommodate this layout, especially if you want to include a seating or dining area for guests. A single row of cabinetry or an L shape is just as effective, provided you choose the most important amenities. The shape may be limited by the shape of your deck and access points as well, so keep that in mind.

Choose amenities

The most important factors in determining which appliances and amenities you require are the sizes and the location of your deck. You may want more amenities for your kitchen design if it is going on a deck that is detached from your house, for instance, as you are farther away from your indoor kitchen. This especially may be the case if your deck is attached to an above-ground pool, and you want to have all the amenities necessary for outdoor cooking and pool parties. Amenities include an outdoor bar, bar seating, outdoor sink, grilling station with outdoor grill cabinets, an outdoor kitchen oven, and more! These are all considerations, so if your space is small, it is even more essential to consider which amenities are the most important.

Consider shading options

While any outdoor kitchen might benefit from shading options (pergolas, gazebos, etc.), shading is especially useful on decks that are higher off the ground. Shade from the sun is essential for a second-story deck. Fortunately, there are many materials and designs to choose from that can be both functional and suit your aesthetic, such as metal, plastic composite, wood, or canvas. Complete the look by shading your Trex Outdoor Kitchen with a Trex pergola on top of your Trex deck!

Enhance your color palette

Use the color of your decking and the surrounding area to your advantage to enhance your color palette. If you have a Trex deck already installed, a Trex Outdoor Kitchen is the perfect complement for color and door style. Check out our outdoor cabinet doors styles. Consider if you want to keep a neutral color palette or use your outdoor kitchen design to add a pop of bright color. The powder coat finishes available for your Trex Outdoor Kitchen can achieve any aesthetic that you desire, from dark or neutral with Dark Anodized Bronze or Neptune Bronze Metallic; earthy with Juniper or Covert Green; moody blue/grey with Navy or Fog; or pops of color with Scarlet or Venetian Copper.

For more outdoor kitchen ideas, our in-house design team can help you determine the best layout and appliances for your outdoor living space. We also have a digital library featuring our different styles of cabinets for all our outdoor kitchen needs. Contact us to get started!

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