Considerations for Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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designing an outdoor kitchen

Before building an outdoor kitchen, certain factors should be considered so that the design will be as beautiful, functional and durable as possible. The cabinet materials, the size and layout, the appliances and amenities, and the color scheme will all help to ensure that your perfect outdoor kitchen meets these criteria. In this article, we discuss each of these factors in-depth to help you get the most out of your kitchen design. Check out our gallery page for more outdoor kitchen ideas.

Cabinet Materials

Our outdoor cabinetry is made of 304-grade stainless steel, which is the most durable material for outdoor kitchens. We also offer 316 (marine grade), which is more resistant to corrosion from saltwater, chlorine, and other chemicals. With an expansive color palette, the available powder coat finishes will make the cabinets virtually maintenance free, with the added bonus of achieving a variety of attractive color themes. The addition of soft-close drawers with double-wall construction, magnetic closures, and rain gaskets help to maintain structural integrity and keep out moisture. Taken as a whole, our high quality materials produce long-lasting, beautiful, and practical outdoor kitchens.

Size and Layout

When building an outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider the size of the space, as it will inform the shape of the layout that will most effectively utilize the area. With base cabinet sizes ranging from 9” to 48” in 3” increments, our design flexibility is unparalleled and will offer you the freedom to customize an outdoor kitchen to fit any space – large or small. In a smaller space, a single row of cabinetry or an L shaped layout will likely provide the best fit. In a larger space, a U shaped layout can offer more surface area for food preparation and serving. Certain types of spaces may be limited by access points or the size of a deck or patio as well. To make the best use of the available area, it is vital to fully consider the size and which type of layout will be most suited for the outdoor space.

Outdoor Amenities

Size and layout are important factors when deciding on outdoor appliances and amenities that you want to include, such as a grill, bar station, seating area, or a sink. Depending on where your outdoor kitchen is located relative to your house, the choice of appliances and amenities may change. For example, an outdoor kitchen that is farther away from the indoor kitchen may require more amenities for convenience. Larger outdoor kitchens can accommodate a greater number of features by default. If your space is small, it is even more essential to consider which amenities are the most important, as you may be limited by which appliances – and how many – will physically fit in the space. Additionally, certain layouts, like a U shape, will require advanced planning so that outdoor kitchen appliances are placed in the appropriate places for ease of use, safety, and function.

Natural Elements

Determining the effect of natural elements like wind, sun, and moisture will help when choosing the layout and design of an outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor cabinets are easily affixed to meet building codes in high wind areas, which helps to reduce the effects of wind. If the sun is a concern, choosing a layout that takes sunrises and sunsets into account will ensure that the kitchen is usable at all hours of the day. Although our outdoor kitchens are durable for almost every climate, covering any bare stainless appliances (like grills) will reduce moisture. It is recommended to use covers that are made from canvas or polyester with a water resistant coating, which can be customized to fit the appliance. Shading options – such as gazebos, pergolas and awnings – or more permanent structures – such as California and Florida rooms – are all great ways to mitigate weather effects as well.


Color can be utilized in many ways to accentuate and complement an outdoor living space. The Trex Outdoor Kitchens color palette includes colors for all types of aesthetics, including neutrals and earth tones, black and white, and bright pops of color. When it comes time for decorating, color can also be tied in with dishware and accessories in the cooking space or with cushions and pillows in the seating area. The Trex Outdoor Kitchens powder coat color palette is designed to complement Trex decking materials as well, so you have the freedom to color coordinate your entire outdoor living space.

By considering factors such as color, layout and materials before designing and building an outdoor kitchen, you are sure to create a durable and well-designed outdoor kitchen that is fully functional in any space. Learn about our outdoor cabinet door styles.

Ready to transform on your backyard or rooftop? Let us help come up with an outdoor kitchen plan for the outdoor space. Our inside sales team is available to help you build an outdoor kitchen that will take each of these important factors into consideration.

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